Six years!!!!

So it has been 6 years since I last posted anything on this blog. Wowwwww!!! a whooping 6 years. I remember, when i started this blog, I was an IT student somewhere in Lagos, in that time, I finished my degree, almost done with a second degree, got a job, got engaged, moved to Lagos, stopped spending dad’s money, volunteered for non profits, had several illnesses, surgery etc. it has been a bitter-sweet experience filled with days that were full of joy, laughter and happiness, days filled with gloom, sadness, confusion has to where life is going and if i am really making any head way in life. Oh Well, All thanks to God.
Anyway, I have decided that going forward I will use this blog as my memoir and a platform to talk about my thoughts, about life, about things generally. Basically, all I will be doing is sharing my opinion on things.
It is so nice to be back here. I hope I can be consistent, I am trying to retrace my steps to the days when i used to be so disciplined. The goal is to make one post every week. Leeeggggoooooo!!!! Continue reading “Six years!!!!”

Damsel with two hearts

Ok! So it took this long for me to be back here..oh well! Yeah yeah yeah! I remember, its my blog,I can do whatever I like, therefore in today’s class we’ll be talking about (so what, I turned my blog to a class room) about how I left lagos without my heart.Amen Amen God is a miracle worker, I wonder where blood is pumping from now sef..okay so away from the BS Continue reading “Damsel with two hearts”

The Chaos theory

Errrrrrrrr! Uhhhhhmmm! This is my first blog post and damn! It feels so good. Well, every tom, DICK, harry,jide and hayor (sorry guys :D) has one, why can’t Mayowa?? Oh yeah! You must know, I don’t follow rules, none whatsoever, so it goes without mention,I might, no no no!! Will be uncensored..if you can’t handle it, get the f… I think its too early now, maybe later… Continue reading “The Chaos theory”

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!